June 2017 // Shooting  // Documentary


Sven made it - the Camino de Santiago - and Susanne filmed him and his assistents for six weeks in Spain! But what she experienced with him wasn't what she expected... Now she has to tell a much more complicated story; a human story filled with weakness, combat, love and strength - an epic and surprising struggle.

May 2017 // A Day in their Shoes // Finalist


Susanne´s documentary "A Day in their Shoes" is finalist at the Filmfestival "Euro Fest" in St. Petersburg! She is looking forward to the next steps!

November 2016 // Editing // ZDF


In the editing for the ZDF TV-Show " You never go completely" with Markus Lanz. Together with the line producer Cristina Trebbi for the production company Grupp5 Susanne is editing the clips of Roger Willemsen, Prince, Roger Cicero, Hans-Dietrich Genscher, Schimon Peres, Fidel Castro and Umberto Eco. It´s shown on tv at 27th of december 2016 at 10pm.

October 2016 // "Pink Elephants goes Cinema"


The feature documentary "Pink Elephants" found finally the right distributor. Stephan Winkler of W-Film Distribution in Cologne will take the film 2017 into the theatres of the german speaking area.

October 2016 // "Me Name Is" Premiere in Hof / Germany


The fiction short movie "Me Name Is" will be shown at the Hofer Filmfest in Germany. Production Manager, 1st Director´s Assistent & Editor: Susanne Bohlmann

June 2016 // "To.Pas" Premiere on Norderney


The documentary "To.Pas - A Ship in the Garden" will be shown at the Filmfest Emden/Norderney. The world premiere will be in the Kurtheater Norderney. Two more screenings will be in Emden.

April 2016 // "A day in their shoes" in Nyon


The documentary "A Day in their shoes" is

selected for the Media Library at the filmfestival Visions du Reel in Nyon /Switzerland.


December 2015 // "Isch heisst" Fiction Short movie /BR


In co-production with the tv station BR ConkerTreeFilm shot the short movie "Isch heisst". Susanne was the 1st assistent to the director, the production manager and the editor.

 July 2015 // "To.Pas" - Documentary


Shooting "To.Pas" at the baltic sea. A lot happend in the two years we last met Sabine und Michael. We filmed an emotional interview and a lot of waves.

June 2015 // "Anna - in public space"  // Documentary


For the long-term observation of a young artist from Leipzig we filmed in Berlin to record her first solo exhibition . A nerve - grueling event in the life of Anna.



December 2014  // "A Day in their Shoes" // Documentary Shooting


The shooting was at new years eve at the same time in Capetown, Germany, New York, Sao Paulo, Sydney and Bangkok. It was an emotional and extraordinary day!

November 2014 // Photo & Filmshooting


The Photoshooting for Liefer.de and the Advert-production for Torten.de, directed by Susanne Bohlmann, was successful on one day. And the cake in the end was delicious.


 June 2014 // playing Shortmovie "Windscherung"


Playing next to actor Robert Kuchenbuch the paranoid and depressed wife Sabine in the Thriller Windscherung by Marcel Reimann - a Makromedia Production.


June 2014 // After Shooting London


After shooting in the London Masterclass for our documentary "pink elephants". Extraordinary energy and emotions are captured by our cameras. The Location and the wonderful people blew us away.


February 2014 // In the Editing


With the artist Anna Baranowski in the editing of "pink elephants". There are a million possibilities to create this amazing documentary. Over 500 hours of material needs to be put together.



January 2014 // Book available


"Filmscenes for actors and filmmakers" written by Susanne Bohlmann, published by UVK publisher, is available now in all book shops and on AMAZON. BUY HERE


October 2013  // "Danni Lowinski" - Shoot


Playing Claudia Räderscheidt, a forensic scientist for the Criminal Justice Department. Episode: "Green is hope", directed by Uwe Janson for UFA FICTION GmbH on behalf of Sat.1. Thanks to Outcast for the role!


 July 2013 // As actress In Cinema „Points of view“


The feature film "Points of view" is shown in Cologne Cinemas. Susanne is playing Emily, a single, pregnant lady who is stalked by an old man.


May 2013 // As a director in Paris // „Paris – I hate to love you"


English Plain Jane meets sexy Parisian coach upon arrival to the French capital, the coach tries to help her become more Parisian. We follow Jane going through a series of events in her Parisian life, and totally failing at them.

This is where the coach comes in, to try and help....


April 2013 // Newspaper Newzeeland


about the international cemedy series "Paris - Je taime moi non plus". A three graces production. Director: Susanne Bohlmann