Susanne was born in 1978 in Osnabrück and founded in 2004 after a successful acting and journalism studies her own film production company Conkertree Film in Cologne. Since then, she has done the script, the direction and the editing in more than 300 fiction and documentary productions. Until 2014, Susanne was also active as an actress, until she completely committed herself to her passion, the documentary. The themes of her films are complex but always have to do with human desires and abysses. Susanne works freelance as a writer, director and editor for u.a. the ZDF. Also in 2014, her first film book was published by UVK Publishing house. Susanne worked on her first feature documentary "Pink Elephants" for 6 years. This was released to cinemas in 2018 by W-Film distribution. To date, she has completed three more feature documentaries and an investigative TV reportage. She is currently working on a documentary for ZDF and a documentary series for ARTE in Spain.