Susanne was born in 1978 in Osnabrück/Germany. Having studied in acting and journalism in 2004 she founded film production company CONKERTREE FILM in Cologne. Since then she has scripted, directed or edited more than 300 individual fiction and documentary productions – ranging from 30 second clips up to 90 minute features. Susanne also acted until 2014, when she completely committed herself documentary filmmaking.

The themes of her films always take on new territory but always gravitate to human desire and fissures. Direct Cinema - non-judgmental, observational is her philosophy. Susanne works freelance as a writer, director and editor. In 2014, her first book, a collection of film scenes which she had authored was published by UVK Verlag. Susanne worked on her first feature documentary "Pink Elephants" for over 6 years. The film was, theatrically launched in 2018 by W-Film distribution. To date she has completed four feature documentaries and an investigative reportage for TV and cinema. She is currently finalising a documentary series for ARTE.